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Holst: The Planets, with Professor Brian Cox

The centenary of The Planets by Gustav Holst was on the 29th of September 2018, and on that day there was a performance of it by the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Professor Brian Cox presented some of the scienctific discoveries that … Continue reading

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CONTAINS SPOILERS Ghosts is a new sitcom, and the team behind it include some of the writers and cast of the CBBC TV sketch show version of Horrible Histories. While the premise is a little different as sitcoms go, it’s … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest has come around again, and it’s the last one of the 2010s! It’s still quite a way off its 70th edition, but the contest is still going strong as we’re about to enter a new decade.

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Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators (Series Two)

CONTAINS SPOILERS The first series of Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators ended up being a surprise hit, scoring high ratings for daytime TV and being one of the BBC’s most successful daytime dramas. There has been a lot said … Continue reading

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The BRIT Awards 2019

The BRIT Awards came round once again this year, and went pretty well as The Brit Awards go!

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Doctor Who – ‘Resolution’

New Year’s Day Special CONTAINS SPOILERS The Doctor Who Christmas Special has been a huge part of the BBC (and indeed UK TV in general) Christmastime schedule since the series was revived in 2005. But 2018 marked the first time … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – ‘The Battle Of Rankskoor Av Kolos’

Series Eleven, Episode Ten – Finale CONTAINS SPOILERS The TARDIS gets many distress calls from a planet, which everyone else in the universe has ignored. The TARDIS team decide to aim for one of the ships who sent a  distress … Continue reading

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