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Revolting Rhymes

CONTAINS SPOILERS  Roald Dahl was my favourite author when I was a kid, and one of my favourite Roald Dahl books was Revolting Rhymes, which was six classic fairy tales reworked as black comedy poems. In this animated adaptation for … Continue reading

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Lambert The Sheepish Lion

Lambert The Sheepish Lion was a Disney animated short released in 1952 and directed by Jack Hannah. I’m not sure if it was inspired by the phrase “the lion shall lie down with the lamb”, but if so, it’s quite … Continue reading

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Despite the title, this animated short is more about winter going into spring than summertime. I suppose the title could still work if you view it in the sense that “summertime” begins when the clocks are put forward an hour … Continue reading

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Father Noah’s Ark

Father Noah’s Ark was a Disney Silly Symphony, released in 1933. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson, who would later work on many of Disney’s classic feature films of Disney’s Silver Age in the 1950s such as Cinderella, Alice In … Continue reading

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Susie The Little Blue Coupe

Susie The Little Blue Coupe, was a Disney cartoon short released in 1952.  Like many Disney cartoon shorts it was written by Bill Peet and narrated by Sterling Holloway. Our protagonist is a beautiful shiny blue car named Susie. A … Continue reading

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Goliath II

Despite what the title might suggest, this was not a sequel, it’s meant to be read as “Goliath the Second” rather than as “Goliath 2”.  (Well, we all know Goliath 2 is Nelson Muntz in Simpsons Bible Stories). Goliath II … Continue reading

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Rupert and The Frog Song

If you’ve seen much of this blog, you’ll know I like animals, cartoons and pop music. It’s a shame those three things rarely work well together. We’ve had that terrible John Lewis hare and bear advert with Lily Allen clearing … Continue reading

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The Cookie Carnival

The Cookie Carnival was one of Disney’s Silly Symphonies series. It was released in 1935, making it almost 80 years old! It reminds me of animation which came much later, like Bertie Bassett, the mascot of Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts, and … Continue reading

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The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones

*** out of 5 3 stars out of 5 CONTAINS SPOILERS The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones was originally part of Hanna-Barbera‘s Superstars 10 series in the late ’80s. This was a series of ten made for TV movies featuring some … Continue reading

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Jetsons: The Movie

CONTAINS SPOILERS ** out 5 2 stars out of 5 Jetsons: The Movie (as it was titled. Perhaps they thought ‘The Jetsons: The Movie’ would sound odd) isn’t well remembered these days. Of course The Jetsons themselves aren’t massively remembered … Continue reading

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