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Mid-year Limbo: Songs from 2018 I’ve listened to more in 2019

So that time of year again, the half way point, where there are songs which came out the previous year but I’ve listened to more this year. This one is a bit of a bumper year, as this is a … Continue reading

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Now 102

Yeah, I realise this is incredibly late. Now 103 is due out soon! But this review is here now, no pun intended.

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Holst: The Planets, with Professor Brian Cox

The centenary of The Planets by Gustav Holst was on the 29th of September 2018, and on that day there was a performance of it by the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Professor Brian Cox presented some of the scienctific discoveries that … Continue reading

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CONTAINS SPOILERS Ghosts is a new sitcom, and the team behind it include some of the writers and cast of the CBBC TV sketch show version of Horrible Histories. While the premise is a little different as sitcoms go, it’s … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest has come around again, and it’s the last one of the 2010s! It’s still quite a way off its 70th edition, but the contest is still going strong as we’re about to enter a new decade.

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Deutschland 86 – ‘Total Onslaught’

Episode Ten – Finale CONTAINS SPOILERS The finale of Deutschland 86, so this episode is very important for where the characters end up, both geographically and personally.

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Deutschland 86 – ‘Chickenfeed’

Episode Nine CONTAINS SPOILERS Tina goes West, and Martin goes East. At one point, Tina and Martin pass each other at the border, going to opposite sides of Germany.

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