headphonedaydreams – 7th year anniversary

The seventh year of doing the blog, and here are the top ten most viewed posts that were written during that year.

Top Ten Most Viewed

1) Benidorm (Series 10)

The tenth, and as it turned out final, series of one of ITV’s most successful sitcoms, and it did well in its last year. It won the TV Choice award for Best Comedy, and there is a stage show touring, and rumours of a film version too! It is a bit strange that ITV decided not to renew it, especially considering that they later publically acknowledged that they had no new sitcoms, and indeed no sitcoms at all planned in 2019.

In any case, series 10 was a good one. Kenneth was a highlight as he usually is. I liked that there was a more significant role in the series for Josh Bolt as Rob Dawson. The finale had a lot of poignancy, with Billy and Sheron’s anniversary, Joyce in tears at the possibility of losing her job as the Solana was to be taken over by another company, and holiday rep Sam saying after a relationship break up “I don’t cry because something’s over, I smile because it happened”, which had an extra meaning with it being the final series. It also turned out to be one of the last TV appearances for Barry Elliott of The Chuckle Brothers and Bobby Knutt, as both passed away since the making of the series.

2) Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators

I caught this daytime TV gem due to the Beast from the East snowstorm last year, and I’m glad I did, as it’s one of the best new programmes on TV! It turned out to be a surprise ratings success too, and has just completed its second series. This post was for the first series. A comedy-drama starring Jo Joyner and Mark Benton as two private detectives solving crimes in Stratford-upon-Avon.

3) Eurovision 2018

With hindsight, this was one of the best Eurovisions in a while! It was refreshing that we had as many as nine songs sung in a language other than English!

In the end, the early favourite, Israel with Netta’s feminista chicken clucking ‘Toy’ won, pipped the late challenger to the post – Cyprus, represented by Eleni Foureira with sizzling ethnopop track ‘Fuego’.

Ukraine have pulled out of this years contest, but in 2018 they had the distinction of being the only country with a 100% record of qualifying to the grand final, and their entry was one of the best, cute vampire prince Mélovin with ‘Under The Ladder’.

This year also featured a post-The X Factor but pre-Dancing On Ice Saara Aalto representing Finland.

The UK entry SuRie had a stage invasion, and SuRie earned lots of admiration for doing a great job carrying on the performance.

But overall, I think my favourite thing about Eurovision 2018 was Hungary’s entry, metal band AWS with ‘Viszlát nyár’, which became one of my favourite songs of the whole year, not just Eurovision.

4) Inside No. 9 – ‘Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room’

The standout episode from series 4 of Inside No. 9, this saw Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton playing an old comedy duo called Cheese & Crackers. Without wanting to give too much away, this was good on the comedy and poignancy stakes. A bit of a Celebrity Big Brother reference with the title too!

5) Celebrity Big Brother 22

A show that was always known for controversy, and in its final series Celebrity Big Brother didn’t go quietly! Stormy Daniels pulled out at the last minute on launch night. But the big story of the whole series was the Ryan Thomas/Roxanne Pallet incident.

The series was a decent one though, not just the controversial parts. Kirstie Alley turned out to be good fun.

6) Inside No. 9 – ‘To Have And To Hold’

A wedding photographer who’s more concerned with Pot Noodles and jigsaws than the fact his own marriage is disintegrating – but with it being Inside No. 9, something more sinister is going on. I particularly loved Nicola Walker’s performance in this episode.

7) Mid-Year Limbo: Songs from 2017 I listened to more in 2018

5 songs I listened to a lot during 2018, but which came out the year before.

8) Big Brother 19

The last ever series, and when the franchise itself turned 18. The sad thing is, they actually got a lot right this time! It’s a shame they couldn’t have done some of it earlier really. Big Coin was a good addition to the series, and the viewer poll, allowing the two least popular housemates to face eviction along with the nominees might have helped some of the problems with earlier series. They had some great tasks such as the mining one, Count Your Chickens and the Piggy Bank Robbery. The Halloween special was one of the best episodes. They had a good set of housemates too, in particular it had a brilliant LGBT cast – Brooke, Cameron, Cian and especially Tomasz, who all made it to the top 7! It wasn’t a perfect series, the way that the producers and many viewers shamelessly pandered to one housemate – Lewis F – and them turning out to back the wrong horse when he had to be removed. Then there was Channel 5’s awful treatment of the series by putting it on too late at night and giving them very little time for the final. But on the whole, it went out on a high.

9) Now 99

The first Now! album of 2018 had to deal with the changes in how the UK singles chart was compiled, specifically the inclusion of streaming, and that whenever there is such a chart rule change it always takes a while for things to find their way, but the Now! compilers did a good job with finding songs to include on this CD.

10) Strictly Come Dancing (Series 16)

This was the first one I’ve blogged about Strictly, and I really enjoyed it! Movie Week, Halloween Week, Blackpool Week and Musicals Week were all great episodes, and some of my favourite couples were Joe & Dianne, Lauren & AJ, Katie & Gorka, and Danny & Amy, but I think it was a brilliant cast all round. (Although the least said about the whole Seann & Katya business the better).

These posts were “liked” by other bloggers, but didn’t get quite enough views to make the top ten.

Doctor Who – ‘The Woman Who Fell To Earth’

Justin Myers/the guyliner liked this post!

The first episode of Jodie Whittaker’s tenure, and it was groundbreaking as she is the first woman to play The Doctor. This was a good start to the new series, and a good introduction to the new Doctor. Jodie Whittaker is from Huddersfield, where I used to live, so I quite like that too.

Random Thoughts on The World Cup

This was only a brief post to say I got swept up in the World Cup fever last year! With the summer heatwave, England doing much better than usual and me winning a sweepstake by picking France, this was the first time I’ve truly enjoyed the World Cup, or indeed football, and I liked that I got to bond with my dad and brothers, and the lads at work over it. It wasn’t lifechanging, since then I’ve gone back to my usual indifference to football, but it was a great few months!

The Apprentice (Series 14)

The Apprentice is… still going. They’ve just done a celebrity version for Comic Relief. Series 14 of the regular series was OK, but it does feel like the franchise is a bit… “yep, still here”.

Now 101

Yes, oddly enough the milestone Now 100 is the one Now album that isn’t on this list! As far as my blog is concerned, people liked the posts about the two on either side of it more!

As a side note, my post about Celebrity Big Brother 21 got enough views to be in the top ten, but it was on last year’s list, as the “year” here is from March to March. Ironically, 2018 was a good year for Big Brother really, all three series were decent!

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