Peter Kay’s Car Share – The Finale


The finale of Car Share, along with the Unscripted episode, had been shown at a special screening in Blackpool, but the final ever episode was broadcast for the first time on television on a Bank Holiday Monday, the 28th of May. The BBC repeated all of series 2 in between the Unscripted episode and The Finale. The last episode of series 2 was repeated on the 28th of May, straight before the finale, so that viewers could watch them one before the other if they wished. The episodes do follow straight on from one another, as it picks up from the very next day. At the crack of dawn, in fact.

John (Peter Kay) drives up to see Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) at her sister’s house, where she lives. Her brother-in-law Steve (Guy Garvey) is outside, and he says Kayleigh was in a terrible mood when she came home last night. Steve says Kayleigh is still asleep, so John drops off a parcel for her.

John keeps checking his phone to see if Kayleigh has texted him. We see Kayleigh taking the bus to work, and she opens the parcel. In it is a Walkman with a cassette tape, and a note from John. Kayleigh listens to it, and it’s a song John wrote, performed and recorded himself last night. It is called ‘My Car Share Buddy’! It’s an apology to Kayleigh, with John being more open about his feelings for her, and asking her to come back. It ends up going into one of their imaginary music videos, in this case John is spliced into the video for ‘Back For Good’ by Take That, a song which has a similar theme.

John eventually gets a text back from Kayleigh saying she likes the song. He picks her up, just like in the first episode of series 2. John tells Kayleigh he wrote it in one night. He would have emailed it to her, but knowing how rarely she checks her emails it would have been sitting in her inbox for weeks! (Yeah, I can relate to that!)

Anyway, they decide they are going to make a go of a relationship. On the way back, they stop off at a drive-thru to get a burger. John is too stubbon to pay with his card, so has to gather lots of loose change – including struggling to reach for a penny underneath the car. He still doesn’t have enough, so after all that he has to pay with his card anyway!

Kayleigh gets out of the car later on to rescue a hedgehog in the middle of the road. She gets it safely to the pavement, but as she walks back two cars crash into each other. John gets out to help them, and he is almost run over by a van! It gets his open car door instead, leaving it broken off and in pieces on the road.

With John’s car now towed away, he and Kayleigh have to get the bus back home. They both share earphones to listen to ‘My Car Share Buddy’ on the Walkman, and they hold hands. Awww. And that really is The End.

The episode had lots of background visual jokes.

A road sign showing directions to a Secret Nuclear Bunker.

Another road sign saying it was a No Dogging area.

A sign advertising “3 Beers for the price of 3!”

Old Trafford with “Manchester City” written in bright lights.

A van which read “Jean-Claude Van Man”.

A poster for a Channel 4 show called My Big Fat Undateable Bake Off Show.

A few other highlights:

The hedgehog!

Forever FM playing ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ by Transvision Vamp. (I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!)

Forever FM are asking listeners to call, email or text in their “favourite bubble wrap memories!”.

Kayleigh stating that she has literally once shat on her own doorstep. “I couldn’t get my keys in quick enough!”.

Stink Ray gets a mention.

Two other colleagues at the supermarket are getting married, Donna and Rick. Kayleigh has been invited to the wedding and the reception, John has only been invited to the wedding, but apparently most of work are only invited to the reception.

Donna and Rick have asked for cash rather than presents. John says “I’m going to get them a bale of towels now just to piss them off!”.

There is a poem printed on the back of the invites… and it turns out to be the lyrics to ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus!

Kayleigh says Donna “only came out of herself once she got her boobs done!”.

John’s Walkman has rechargeable batteries! That takes me back, I had a Walkman with rechargeable batteries as well.

‘Back For Good’ was also used in the final episode of Spaced, not in a romantic way, but as a big apology to Marsha, with the others saying they want her to come back to the house. An interesting coincidence for me, as I’ve compared Car Share to Spaced a few times before.

The finale gained more than 6 million viewers overnight, and with catch-up included the total was over 8 million – huge numbers these days.

While the car that they have been sharing doesn’t make it through the final episode, John and Kayleigh themselves do. This was a good ending, and one which I’d say about 99.9% of the viewers were rooting for. John and Kayleigh actually get together properly about 15 minutes in, and the other half of the episode we see them acting like a couple that have been together for a while, lightly bickering.

There is already talk of more Car Share, basically they’ve said “never say never”, but this is a good place to end it. To be honest, I’m not really sure there is much else they can do with it. I guess the only thing that was missing was a Christmas special, considering all the references to Christmas throughout the series. Apparently the main reason that didn’t happen was issues with lighting, with it getting dark in late winter. But I think this show would have suited a Christmas special, certainly all the Christmas songs Forever FM would play.

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson will almost certainly work together again though, they have dropped hints of doing another sitcom.

For Car Share though, it was a very good, very enjoyable sitcom, and I think this episode was one of the best, so it was a great moment to end on.

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