Red Dwarf XII


Red Dwarf returned for a 12th series overall, but their 4th on Dave. It was filmed back to back with series 11, and saw the crew encounter bizarre spaceships, have conflict with various machines and travel to other universes.

In the first episode ‘Cured’, the crew land on a scientific research station which was testing for “a cure for evil”. They find booths which say Vlad the Impaler, Messalina, Stalin and Adolf Hitler are all cured (though Rupert Murdoch isn’t responding to treatment!)

The professor, Professor Shaul Telford also has a booth there, but he has come out of it. He tells the crew their arrival automatically triggered the release.

They have dinner with some of the cured psychopaths. Messalina says of Hitler “Dolfy makes the most divine choux pastry”. Lister ends up jamming with Hitler on guitars, which was used as the main publicity for the episode. It’s a surreal sight.

There is a protoplanet colliding with the station and they have to escape. The crew state they are going to escape, leave the others and not tell them about it. But this is a huge ethical dilemma. Are they doing evil by leaving them there to die? But then, they can’t be sure all these historical villains are cured and risk doing harm to themselves, or others if they escape. They consider bringing back Telford, but he won’t come without the cured patients. Then, Lister and Cat are drugged, Kryten’s hardrive is hacked into and Rimmer’s light bee is shut down.

They wake up in nightmare situations. Rimmer is put in the waste disposal, Cat is locked in a vault filling with water, Kryten’s head has been stuck on top of a mop and bucket, and Lister is about to be laser-castrated! They manage to escape, and confront the cured patients, thinking they have to be responsible. The patients don’t appear to know what’s going on either. Everyone agrees to get tested for psychopathy.

The machine designates Cat as a psychopath, but there’s another, and what a surprise, it’s Professor Telford. It turns out the resurrected people weren’t resurrected at all, but were droids based on their creators to be scientists trying to cure Telford, who was the only patient. Telford reprogrammed them. Well at least Telford’s carrying in the tradition of pointless, needlessly complicated villainy.

He wants to take one with him so he can escape on Starbug, he chooses Cat because he’s considered another psychopath. But Cat kills him. The end.

There is a bit of lampshading going on. Lister and Rimmer both point out what a strange concept a “cure for evil” is, and Telford says didn’t they wonder why Hitler looked nothing like Hitler. Lister has met the real Hitler before, in ‘Timeslides’.

‘Cured’ was a bit of a weak episode for a series opener, to be honest. The main plot was quite convoluted. They mentioned a few ethical questions but didn’t really do anything with them. It has echoes of a previous Red Dwarf episode ‘Meltdown’ in series 4, with the droids of historical figures. A wax-droid of Hitler appeared in ‘Meltdown’, and Messalina was mentioned in that episode, if not featured.

The second episode was ‘Siliconia’. Kryten, being a service droid, has to do tasks for the others. For example Lister is laid out on the couch and asks Kryten to get some beer from a fridge… that is right next to the couch!

The ship gets a signal that they have found Lister’s guitar floating in deep space (it was sent out in ‘Fathers And Suns’ in series 10). The crew go to retrieve it, hilariously using a big teddy picker claw! But then they themselves are picked up by a spaceship which has an even bigger teddy picker claw.

On board, this ship is filled with mechanoids which look like Kryten. They are part of the Mechaniod Intergalactic Liberation Front. So their acronym is MILFS! Anyway, the MILFS aim to overthrow humans and liberate mechanoids. Kryten says he doesn’t need freeing, but in a conversation with the other mechanoids it is revealed Kryten sleeps in the storage cupboard and even though he knows he’s more intelligent than the others, he accepts his role as being beneath them. The mechanoids ask why, when they use him as a slave and make jokes about the shape of his head.

The other three are taken to be “recalibrated”. They are presented with robot bodies like Kryten’s, made to match their faces somewhat, and their brainwaves will be projected into them, effectively transforming them into mechanoids. They are then ordered to perform tasks Kryten had to do for them. Meanwhile, Kryten is getting pampered.

Lister, Rimmer and Cat actually begin to enjoy the tasks, and Lister says they are losing their original personalities. Rimmer says he likes being a mechanoid. He finds it oddly liberating. He has no desire to become an officer anymore. Having simple needs means no failure or disappointment. He even wants to go as far as to become a MILF!

The crew escape by dismantling their bodies limb by limb and reassembling themselves once they get out of the cage they are in. They then run into some other mechanoids who are doing “grunt work”. The reason is they are Series 4000 mark 2, while the ones on the above floor are Series 4000 mark 3! This slight update with incredibly superficial add-ons
meant the mark 3s considered themselves superior, so they enslaved the mark 2s. Lister points out how hypocritical the mark 3s are.

The mark 3 mechanoids decided to arrange a “clean off” between Kryten and Lister, with mops for swords. They have to clean each other, and the one who does the worse job will be ejected into deep space. Kryten doesn’t want Lister to be sent into deep space, but Lister is by this point fully recalibrated so he tries his hardest to clean Kryten up, so Lister wins the contest. Before Kryten is sent out, another space ship arrives. The mechanoids call is Siliconia, but it is actually the Diva Droid update station, which gives every mechanoid an automatic update, meaning the mark 2s and 3s are now equal. Kryten refuses the update though, converts the rest of the crew back to normal and they go back to Red Dwarf.

‘Siliconia’ had lots of references to previous episodes. ‘The Om Song’ gets another mention. Kryten calls a tube “a pair of golfing slacks”, a callback to Lister teaching him to lie what a banana is in ‘Camille’. Rimmer mentions he wanted to be a fish at one time, and he did infamously write “I am a fish” over and over again in one of his officer exams. There is also a joke similar to the Space Corps Directive ones they used to do.

Kryten became human in ‘D.N.A’ in series 4, this was sort of a reverse of that, with the rest of the crew becoming mechanoids.

While not a direct reference, the mechanoids talk of Siliconia, a Promised Land, similar to Silicon Heaven, and Fuchal which the Cat Race believed in. Though a difference is that mechaiods are very cruelly programmed to believe in a rewarding afterlife by their human makers, while the Cat Race’s religion developed due to misunderstanding.

James Buckley has a cameo in ‘Siliconia’ as one of the mark 2 mechanoids.

Highlights of this episode for me included the fact that Lister once asked for a 1,245 Sugar Puffs sandwich served with grilled cheese!

I quite liked Cat’s “why cart around a suitcase when all you need is hand luggage?”, as I went on holiday with my brothers and saw this episode when we came back, and me and one brother bought hand luggage and we had to wait a while for my other brother’s suitcase to come through the conveyor belt.

The very, very slight updates the mark 3s had are very similar to constant stream of new technology products that come out in the present day, keeping bringing out brands with minor updates to get people to buy more or less the same thing again.

Rimmer’s reaction to becoming a mechanoid was interesting, and ironically he actually gets a promotion while one by fully accepting the reprogramming!

I’m not sure how happy an ending it is really, the mark 2s were treated badly by the mark 3s and while they are equalised by the end there is no comeuppance there, but I guess they just didn’t have time and had to end the episode. It won’t change much for Kryten either, as they have to go back to the status quo. The episode showed Lister being more considerate in the end, but Lister usually wants Kryten to be his own person anyway, if anything he was acting a little out of character in this episode for the sake of the plot. But hey. It was a funny episode for the most part, and it was great to see Lister, Rimmer and Cat in Kryten make-up, which has been the main image of Red Dwarf XII.

The title event in ‘Timewave’ was compared to a tsunami, except it is caused by an exploding black hole. Starbug ends up getting hit by a timewave, and encounters the SS Enconium, a spaceship from the 24th Century. It is a ship where all criticism is banned.

The crew discuss the implications of that. Criticism can motivate people to improve, and Lister notes that it does people a favour to tell them they’ve screwed up so they learn from that mistake. Rimmer at one point got sent to a school which had a similar rule, where everyone didn’t have to bother doing any work and everyone got a special trophy just for turning up. Kryten does say though that criticising others makes people feel better about themselves, so the motive isn’t really to be constructive but to get one over on people.

In any case, given how much the Red Dwarf crew like to insult each other, it’s going to be very difficult for them not to break the rules on the SS Enonium. They find terrible drawings put on the walls, and meet the de facto leader Ziggy, who is dressed very like David Walliams’ character Vulva in the Spaced episode ‘Art’. On this ship, nobody does jobs they are qualified to do, so nothing goes right. Everyone is also dressed in ridiculous costumes, for example one guy is dressed as a giant raspberry.

A waitress spills coffee all over Rimmer and gives the Red Dwarf crew awful food… when they didn’t even order any food in the first place! When they complain, the waitress rings up law enforcement to report that she has been criticised.

The crew encounter Crit Cop (played by Johnny Vegas), who wears a bright pink policeman’s uniform, and he arrests the crew. He tasers the Cat, after the Cat unleashes a torrent of insults.

In prison, they are joined by someone who was given a life sentence for tutting when he got the canteen and it closed. Kryten collects moon soil from Lister’s boots and combines it with his isotope collection he creates a mini explosion so they can escape.

The Crit Cop says that the reason the law started in the first place was that the ship had constant arguments and they kept having to choose new leaders. However, as criticism was now illegal, it meant nobody could criticise the law itself! Crit Cop says this was idiotic, and that is his first critical voiced opinion in ages, which he says feels good. The Red Dwarf crew however are taken to be drained of their critical faculties. Basically it removes their “inner critic”, the nagging voice in the back of people’s minds, which comes out as a tiny version of themselves that is put in a bottle.

However Rimmer’s inner critic is too powerful and it overloads the machine, and comes out like a full-sized human, and also looking a bit like James Bond villain Blofeld. Rimmer’s inner critic tells him it saved him from himself, talking him out of Morris dancing in front of the whole school or asking girls out he had no chance with. Lister though criticises the inner critic, saying it failed to stop Rimmer repairing the drive plate properly which wiped out nearly everyone on Red Dwarf. The inner critic is weakened and goes back into Rimmer.

Ziggy sees from this that criticism can be beneficial so repeals the anti-criticising law… then reinstates the law after the Red Dwarf crew are honest about their opinions of his work.

Rimmer “claims” a moon on behalf of the Jupiter Mining Corporation, and modestly names the moon “Rimmer”. There are quite a few Rimmer worlds about now, aren’t there? ‘Rimmerworld’ in series 6, and the psi-moon in series 5 ‘Terrorform’ which saw a moon made up from Rimmer’s psyche, where he coincidentally also was confronted with a manifestation of his own self-loathing, though on the psi-moon it was a hideous monster.

‘Timewave’ had a similar idea and look to the classic series Doctor Who episode ‘The Happiness Patrol’, in that though they were banning people expressing unhappiness about anything. ‘Timewave’ was more about the present day. There is modern “safe space” culture. There are rabid right wingers who are all but saying that they want to ban any criticism or even any scrutiny whatsoever of Brexit. There is the way everyone seems to think nowadays they are somehow “special”. The episode mused a lot on the benefits and drawbacks of criticism. It can lead to improvements, but sometimes it is just used as a way to kick others down. Mental inner critics can often do more harm than good, ruining any confidence the individual has. But just letting everything go without any criticism can also lead down a ridiculous path. Again, this episode talked about some of this, but didn’t seem to draw any real conclusions. It just felt like a bunch of random stuff happening.

In ‘Mechocracy’, Red Dwarf gets yet another distress call, but this time it’s an S.O.S Virus, rather like a computer virus but this gets in by mimicking S.O.S calls and connecting with the ship that replies to them. Kryten runs an antivirus, but isn’t convinced it will work, so the crew have to abandon ship. The dispensing machines think they are going too, only to be told that they’ll be left behind with the ship. It turns out the antivirus works and removes the S.O.S. threat. But the dispensing machines are pissed off that the crew were just going to leave them, and go on strike. So do all the other shipbound machines, including the lifts.

The crew now face having no food, oxygen and heat. Rimmer suggests that a representative to liaise with the crew and the machines would be a good idea. He nominates himself. Kryten points out that he is a machine, and as he is also a member of the main crew, surely that makes him the perfect candidate? Ultimately, it is decided to have an election and let the machines vote for their rep. Kryten picks Lister as his running mate, which means Rimmer gets Cat as his running mate by default.

Rimmer makes a smear campaign against the Lister/Kryten ticket via a TV party political broadcast. Lister and Kryten do one in return, and both contain clips from previous episodes.

Rimmer makes promises he obviously has no intention of fulfilling, like promising the dispensing machines will all have feet so they can move around. Kryten focuses more on using himself as inspiration, he broke his programming, so the other machines can too. Kryten says the polls are neck and neck, they have to target a floating voter, in the garbage hold.

It is none other than fan favourite Talkie Toaster! After some haggling with how many bread products the crew will eat, Talkie says he will vote for Kryten. Kryten wins the election in the end, and Cat locks Rimmer in the garbage hold, though Talkie Toaster is there to keep him company, much to Rimmer’s annoyance.

There a few good character moments in ‘Mechocracy’.

Kryten is sat waiting for Lister to come and teach him human emotions, this time it’s patience. Rimmer decides he will teach the lesson instead, as he wants Kryten to get back to his duties. He rushes through the lesson, and the last bit is delegation, so Kryten delegates the task of mopping the floors to Rimmer! Then Lister arrives, and it turns out the lesson he was going to teach him was manipulation, how to get someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do! Kryten knew what he was doing in this lesson all along.

Rimmer’s pettiness comes in when promotes Lister from Third Technician to Second Technician just so he can demote him. Lister points out that now they are equal so he can’t demote him! Rimmer manages to get around that by only promoting Lister half way, but Lister says he doesn’t care anyway. Rimmer says Lister should care about improving himself, and wouldn’t Lister’s grandmother (who raised him) be proud of him? Only when Lister comes round to the idea does Rimmer demote him!

Talkie Toaster was last seen in the series 4 episode, ‘White Hole’, and he had many conversations with him offering and the crew refusing endless grilled bread products, as he does in this episode. Again, he is voiced by David Ross.

As well as Talkie Toaster returning, the Skutters making an appearance.

One of my highlights was a moment where a Yellow Alert is flashing on a screen. Kryten goes past, does a double take, and… wipes off the smudge on the screen! Then he actually notices what the screen is saying! So a double double take?

On the other hand, there was a subplot with Cat needing reading glasses, but it didn’t really go anywhere, so it just seemed like filler.

Many sitcoms do an election episode at some point, and ‘Mechocracy’ was an amusing one. It reminded me of Blackadder The Third‘s election episode ‘Dish and Dishonesty’, and, quite an obscure reference, but is also reminded me of the election episode of ’90s CITV Yorkshire-set puppet show Roger And The Rottentrolls.

There were some funny lines on the concept of machines having a vote. Rimmer promising to “care for the expired and the out of warranty”, and in a debate a machine asking on the topic of deleting documents as similar to abortion, “Is it not a fully formed file until it is saved?”.

‘Mechocracy’ had a bit of an “old school” feel generally, with it being a bottle episode, focusing on just the crew and the machines, staying within the confines of the ship, and the return of Talkie Toaster voiced by David Ross, plus the fact that it used clips from previous episodes.

‘M-Corp’ begins with Lister’s birthday, though he has no idea how old he is now. To be fair, he’s been frozen in time a few occasions, as well as travelling through time now and again. It would be hard to keep track.

Kryten tells him he always knows exactly what to get him on his birthday. “Sir, you’ve got nothing. No life, no partner, no future. You’re so easy to shop for!”.

Lister then collapses and Cat helps himself to Lister’s birthday breakfast! In the science room, Rimmer thinks Lister has had a heart attack, and is way too smug about it. But it turns out it wasn’t a heart attack, just severe indigestion. Kryten thinks they should still monitor Lister’s health though just to be on the safe side, and a medibot is injected into Lister’s bloodstream. Chippy, the robot, says Lister is about to die right now, but it is Chippy himself who dies. Kryten says his software mustn’t have updated. Red Dwarf runs automatic updates, but haven’t been receiving them since Cat unplugged the machine and forgot to plug it back in again.

With the automatic updates plugged back in, they get all the updates they’ve missed. They find on the new update that the Jupiter Mining Corporation has been bought out by a company called M-Corp. They immediately get lots of new products, computers, TVs and microwaves. Lager as well. However, now Lister can’t see a can of Leopard Lager he has in the fridge. Cat takes it out. There appears to be nothing in his hand, but he shakes it up, opens it, and the lager sprays in Lister’s face!

The M-Corp upgrade includes a perception filter, so people can only see M-Corp products. Lister is technically the only surviving member of the original crew, so only he is effected. Kryten was manufactured by Diva Droid International, Rimmer’s hologram lightbee was upgraded from Red Dwarf’s technology by Legion, and Cat might not be a machine but he is descended from Lister’s pet cat so isn’t officially a member of the crew.

Soon the perception filter stops Lister being able to hear Rimmer, Cat and Kryten, and then unable to see them! His bed and guitar become invisible too. The only person he can see is the avatar of M-Corp, Aniter, who smiles and says “M-Corp. We love looking after you!”.

We find out that M-Corp bought Earth in the 26th Century, including “fixtures and fittings”, i.e things like animals and oceans. Kryten goes on to say they even bought stuff nobody likes, such as “maggots, quicksand, even American chocolate!”. They decide they have to reboot Red Dwarf to its factory settings, to before they accepted the update.

Lister is teleported to a strange white room, and is told by Aniter he can use credits to purchase speaking time (it seems M-Corp limits how much their employees can speak), as well as artificial “friends”, which are created to match the customer’s interests.

Aniter later makes Lister feel pain, and offers him pain pills, with the credits to pay for them directly taken from his account. Lister accepts, but asks for a glass of water to wash them down. Aniter tells him it’s 40 dollarpounds for a glass, and 400 for the water! She then starts a fire, and says as luck would have it they are having a sale on fire extinguishers. 600 dollarpounds! And as he has no credits left, they will start debiting time from his lifeline!

The rest of the crew get to the teleporter and find an elderly Lister surrounded by M-Corp products he has purchased. Kryten thinks of a way they can get out of this. He asks for a computer virus which will shut the whole M-Corp program down, and he gets it! Lister is returned to normal, but back on board Red Dwarf Lister still can’t see or hear anyone else. Kryten says they have to restore Lister to factory settings too, to Red Dwarf before the accident that wiped out the rest of the original crew, and try to build his memory back up afterwards.

The stress of knowing he is going to die almost brings on Lister’s death, which was the fate that befell Warden Knot in ‘Cassandra’, Cassandra being a computer who could predict the future with 100% accuracy.

Rimmer can’t remember his password, but Kryten can remember the answer to Rimmer’s security question, who his first kiss was with. It was revealed in ‘The Last Day’ to be his uncle Frank! Uncle Frank had been having an affair with Rimmer’s mother and had got the wrong room.

There is a repeat of the first scene in the very first episode ‘The End’ when Lister is restored, much to Rimmer’s dismay. Oddly enough Lister was annoyed himself in
series 8 when he encountered a version of Rimmer from before the accident that was resurrected by the nanobots.

Helen George played Aniter, and she was brilliant. She managed to get across how very sinister Aniter was despite the smile and her rather angelic looking appearance. That contrast made her more scary if anything! They used a distorted, robotic effect on her voice which was effective too.

Aniter was quite similar to Pree the new computer in series 10, right down to the way she was ultimately defeated, though it made a bit more sense with Pree. She was a ruthlessly logical computer, and Lister used logic to persuade her to shut herself down. This time round it seemed a little too easy.

‘M-Corp’ was an excellent episode. It was actually slightly terrifying in places, when Lister is stuck in the white room and was essentially being tortured and robbed. It was very much like Black Mirror, commercial technology getting used in a frightening way.

They did this better than for example the Doctor Who series 4 episode ‘Planet Of The Ood’ which also had corporate villainy, but was also kind of an Ood origin story, which didn’t quite fit that in well with the main episode theme. But it was also very similar to Doctor Who series 10 episode ‘Oxygen’, in which a capitalist company charges people for oxygen and in their case wants to kill off some of their employees to save money. Both deal with how ruthlessly applied capitalism might be in the future.  ‘Oxygen’ itself reminded me of Red Dwarf, specifically ‘The Last Day’.

M-Corp managed to take over the world by putting a tax on thinking. The idea of world domination happening due to corporate greed, not least by finding a way to dumb the population down, is quite an interesting one, certainly seems relevant to today. This episode was definitely the best attempt at satire this series, in fact I’d say it was the best episode of series XII generally.

The final episode of this series was ‘Skipper’.

Time seems to be skipping on board Red Dwarf, and that’s not all. Lister and Cat are heading for science room but suddenly find themselves in the sleeping quarters, with Cat making Lister tea and biscuits!

In the science room, Kryten tries to request a damage report for the ship, but the computer tells him he hasn’t requested one. Rimmer suggests they don’t bother with getting a damage report, then one prints out. Kryten has an idea. He throws an apple at Rimmer, but Rimmer catches an orange! Kryten explains the Many Worlds theory, where every decision made generates a universe where the opposite decision is made. Here, the universes are getting jumbled up, so any decision they make, the opposite action will be taken!

Lister has figured it out too, and manipulates it at first to get Cat to do chores, knowing Cat will refuse initially. It backfires a little, as Lister ends up having to force down a second breakfast he didn’t want! They have to decide to do the opposite of what they actually want to do. They meet up with Kryten and Rimmer eventually, some time taken with the Cat choosing to take the lift (not thinking that it would mean they have to take the stairs).

It turns out Kryten repaired a quantum skipper, a device which allows people to skip between universes, though this ripped a hole in space-time, which is causing their problems. Kryten manages to fix the hole and repair the quantum skipper. Rimmer says he wants to use it, to make a fresh start in another universe where he “isn’t such a loser”.

First he finds himself on board Red Dwarf, but before the accident. Rimmer asks where and when he is, and is told “It’s Monday and you’re in a corridor” by Holly, played by Norman Lovett for the first time since series 8!

There is a great retake of the “Everybody’s dead, Dave” conversation from ‘The End’, only this time it’s Rimmer being told that “Nobody’s dead, Arnold.”

However, then the radiation leak happens, and Rimmer runs into Captain Hollister (Mac Macdonald, again for first time since series 8). The Captain claims he was trying to do the captain thing of going down with the ship, but he “accidentally” ended up in the escape pod! It ends up jamming, meaning he goes down with the ship anyway.

Rimmer manages to skips to another universe just in time. In the universe he finds himself in, Lister is posh. There’s also the Rat instead of the Cat! He’s quite creepy looking, as he isn’t as humanoid in appearance, he looks like a giant rat theme park mascot. In this universe Lister smuggled a pet rat on board, not a cat. Also, in this universe the rats stayed on board and kept breeding, so there are lots of them here!

Rimmer skips to a universe full of Listers, a universe where Rimmer himself is the ship’s computer, a universe where he is about to be a sacrificed in some weird ritual, a universe where Red Dwarf has an elephant on board, and a universe where Red Dwarf is blue!

He finds one where he is a living human again, plus he’s an officer, is married, has sons, and the ship is in Earth’s orbit. Rimmer has everything he has ever wanted here… but then he finds out Lister is captain! In this universe, Lister spotted the drive plate error and fixed it. Rimmer decides that despite him getting all he desires, he can’t deal with Lister being more successful than him. He skips back to his original universe, and decides to stay here and destroy the quantum skipper.

When the titles were announced, it was thought that Skipper was a reference to the Lister in Ace Rimmer’s dimension, but it wasn’t. In fact, Ace Rimmer isn’t mentioned at all, which is a bit odd. The whole point of ‘Dimension Jump’ was that one event changed the course of Rimmer’s history, in one he became our Rimmer, in another he became Ace Rimmer. Though I suppose after the events of ‘Stoke Me A Clipper’ in series 7, and it still being unclear if the Rimmer we’re seeing now is the orignal Rimmer, because presuming it is he must have returned from being Ace Rimmer… yeah, it’s all a bit complicated now, perhaps it was the best decision to ignore it, for the time being anyway.

Rimmer says there’s “more chance of getting a vampire to eat garlic bread” than getting Lister to eat fruit.

Captain Lister has a stasis booth in his office, which he uses as a sort of fridge, but to keep cooked food hot and fresh!

In ‘Parallel Universe’ in series 2 the crew met female versions of themselves, except Cat as in that universe his opposite was still male, but a humanoid Dog! So Red Dwarf has either a Cat, Dog or a Rat depending on which universe we are in.

In the next series, I’d really, really like to see Hattie Hayridge make an appearance, even if it is playing a different character. Although she has returned to played Holly in DVD extras and so on, her last canonical appearance was way back in series 5 – ‘Back To Reality’ in 1992, 24 years ago (!) making her the longest absent regular cast member.

Multiverse episodes are often one of the best episodes in their series, though they tend to be used in animated series, as it’s a lot easier to do it and show lots of different universes than in live action. Notable ones are Family Guy – ‘Road To The Multiverse’ and Futurama – ‘The Farnsworth Parabox’, which this episode resembles. Probably also worth
mentioning is The Simpsons Halloween segment ‘Time And Punishment’, though that was more of a “stepping on an insect in the past can ridiculously alter the future” episode than a multiverse one per se. I mainly I felt like mentioning that as it features a toaster!

While the second half of the series (episodes 4, 5 and 6) was much, much better than the first half (episodes 1, 2 and 3), on the whole, Red Dwarf XII was enjoyable. Lots of references for longterm fans as well as returns of former cast members, and they managed to use the characters well and have some interesting ideas in the episodes too. Next year is the 30th anniversary, so hopefully Dave will be something to mark that.

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