Mid-Year Limbo: Songs from 2016 I’ve listened to more in 2017

Once again, there have been songs which technically came out last year that I’ve ended up listening to more during this year, which means they don’t make it into top ten lists of favourite songs. As we’ve just passed the halfway point of 2017, here’s my list of tracks from 2016 I’ve listened to more in 2017.

5) Hardwell feat. Jay Sean – ‘Thinking About You’

This is a track where everything came together well. Hardwell’s great production, Jay Sean’s smooth vocals, and I really like the video too. It’s directed by Matt Eastwood and set in a roller rink, and I like the colourful lights, and even the shots of the popcorn machine and slushy machine. There’s a toy frog with a witch’s hat too! A particularly good part of the video is the amazing rollerskating by Candice Heiden, who is a professional champion rollerskater, and has also appeared in the music video for ‘Sweet Lovin’ by Sigala.

4) Rag’n’Bone Man – ‘Human’

Rag’n’Bone Man has found most of his success to date in 2017, winning two BRIT Awards and getting a number 1 album, but what started it off was the song ‘Human’, which was first released nearly a year ago. It eventually became the Christmas number 2 for 2016. (The Christmas number 1 was Clean Bandit, Sean Paul and Anne-Marie with ‘Rockabye’ if you’re wondering)

‘Human’ is soulful track, and Rag’n’Bone Man has a deep, powerful voice, and despite how soaring the song is it is about how you are only human and there’s only so much you can take.

3) Krewella – ‘Team’

Dance-pop duo Krewella released this fierce track in December 2016. ‘Team’ is a catchy party song with very intriguing production which talks of having true friends who will appreciate you for who you are.

2) Allie X – ‘That’s So Us’

‘That’s So Us’ is by singer-songwriter Allie X and is taken from CollXtion II, which is technically her debut album but also a sequel to her E.P. CollXtion I.  The vocals and the synthpop backing track are very nice, and it’s an interesting, alternative love song, how someone can annoy you but still amaze you and mentions things like peppermint tea, Space Odyssey, wearing black at the beach and playing air guitar in a car, and that they’ve seeing each other naked seen each other cry, at their most intimate and at their most vulnerable.

1) Deaf Havana – ‘Trigger’

“Trigger”. That’s another perfectly good word that has been ruined thanks to the internet, hasn’t it? Not to mention the word “trigger” being associated with Article sodding 50 this year. But leaving all that aside. ‘Trigger’ by rock band Deaf Havana, taken from their All These Countless Nights album, is an excellent track. Lyrically it talks about despair, but the instrumental is so masterful it all sounds oddly empowering, in a getting it off your chest sort of way.

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