headphonedaydreams – 5th Year Anniversary

5 Years! I’m going to do another post about that, but here is my annual recap of my past year in blogging.

Top Ten Most Viewed Posts

1) Deutschland 86 and 89?

This was just my speculation for any future series after the brilliant German drama Deutschland 83. It was a great series, well-written and about a period of history that is looking increasingly relevant in these times. Also, the lead actor Jonas Nay is very, very fanciable.

2) The X Factor (Series 13)

The X Factor is having a bit of an identity crisis. On one hand, they’ve clearly abandoned all hope of it ever being the biggest show in the country again with them bringing back the original judges line-up (plus Nicole Scherzinger). There’s very much a feeling of it going through the motions from now until when the show becomes unprofitable. On the other hand, they seem more desperate than ever for relevance to the pop charts. The saving grace in this series (other than Sada Vidoo, who unfortunately was only in for a brief time). was fabulous, extremely likeable Ice Princess Saara Aalto from Finland.

3) Eurovision 2016

Sweden’s STV did a fantastic job hosting the competition. The way the final results were announced in particular made for great TV. Giving the jury and the televote results separately made it more exciting, not least that it came down to between Ukraine and Russia. Special guests Australia also did well. My highlights were Bulgaria (I listened to their entry ‘If Love Were A Crime’ by Poli Genova for ages afterwards), Georgia’s ‘Midnight Gold’ (a very Britpop sounding track) and Lithuania (one of the catchiest songs in the contest, and yeah it helps that Donny Montell is very pretty).

4) Top Ten Worst Big Brother Eviction Moments

Self-explanatory really. My top ten worst eviction moments from civilian Big Brother UK.

5) The Secret Life Of The Zoo (Series 1)

Documentary series about Chester Zoo featuring interviews from some of the keepers. We get to see the lives of some of the animals there, and get to know their personalities and how their families and social structures work. This was the first series, and it has been very popular. There was a second series which ended with a Christmas special, and now there is a third series, all in just a year.

6) Planet Earth II – ‘Jungles’

Planet Earth II was brilliant, and about as good as TV can get.  The most viewed episode review of it on my blog was ‘Jungles’, which have the biggest variety and most unusual and colourful wildlife.

7) Planet Earth II – ‘Mountains’

‘Mountains’ showed the amazing ways in which animals who live in mountainous areas survive, and the dramatic changes between seasons, and in some cases even between day and night.

8) The Secret Life Of The Zoo At Christmas

The Christmas Special of The Secret Life Of The Zoo. Christmas at Chester Zoo saw monkeys getting specially made mince pies, tortoises getting Brussels sprouts, and a python getting a full turkey. It was one of the best programmes on Christmas 2016.

9) Planet Earth II – Islands

‘Islands’ was the opening episode of Planet Earth II. Islands have uniqueness to them, are very much do their own environment, and there are plants and creatures found on islands which aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

10) Now 93

A lot of my opinions have changed since I reviewed this! For one thing, I barely noticed ‘The Sound’ by The 1975, in fact I didn’t mention it, but it ended up being one of my favourite songs of 2016. In contrast, I thought ‘7 Years’ by Lukas Graham was OK, but
now I never want to hear it again! Also, as a whole Now 93 is a lot better than I thought at the time.

These posts didn’t get quite as many views, but were all ‘liked’ by other bloggers.

Deutschland 83 – Quantum Jump and Northern Wedding

‘Quantum Jump’ was the first episode, and one of the best of the whole series, it introduced the characters and the settings well, as well as the contrast between East and West Germany. ‘Northern Wedding’ was an episode where things took a sharp turn, it became darker and we saw the deaths of two semi-regular characters.

Planet Earth II – Grasslands and Cities

‘Grasslands’ saw to of the most memorable moments of the series, the fox diving into snow and the harvest mouse climbing up a grass stalk.

‘Cities’ was the final episode of the series. Cities are the newest and fastest growing habitat on Earth, and still wildlife finds a place there. But an important message on what effect we are having on our planet with increasingly taking up more space, as well as global warming, and how we might be able to do things to help.

The Apprentice (Series 12)

This series was quite fun. Highlights include Grace the Mermaid, the Astrobadger (It Makes Sense In Context). Jessica Cunningham also has to be one of my favourite reality TV contestants ever.

Celebrity Big Brother 19

Jessica Cunningham makes her second showing here. The All Stars vs. New Stars theme didn’t amount to much really, but this continued to pattern of January Celebrity Big Brother‘s being decent, so well done for that. Unfortunately, that suggests that the pattern of the civilian and Summer CBB being a bit crap is also going to be repeated.

Red Dwarf XI

The pretty good 11th series of Red Dwarf, which featured more focus on The Cat, Kryten having a mid-life crisis, Lister donating a kidney to himself, the crew encountering another Polymorph, and more clone Rimmers (what could possibly go wrong?).

The British Soap Awards as a Family Reunion

This was just a bit of fun, what would the British soaps be like if they were all people and all members of a family?

Lambert The Sheepish Lion

A 1952 Disney animated cartoon short, the plot is sort of “the lion shall lie down with the lamb” meets Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Revolting Rhymes

BBC animated adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl collection of re-written fairy tales. This was another good part of Christmas TV in 2016. So there WAS some good in 2016 I suppose.

Top Ten Songs of 2016

Here is some more. My favourite songs from the year.

Mid-Year Limbo: Songs from 2015 I’ve listened to more in 2016

In 2016 there were also tracks from 2015 I liked a lot.

I’m quite pleased that the top three most viewed posts are a the most popular foreign language drama of all time in the UK, a series of The X Factor where the star was an LGBT diva from Finland and the Eurovision Song Contest. In spite of Brexit and the decisions the UK government are taking, I will say that I am very proud to be part of Europe.

Planet Earth II as well showed that it is a big world and we shouldn’t ignore the damage we are doing to the environment, if anything it’s important we do something about it. This got a lot more political than I ever wanted to on this blog, but I suppose we’re living in these sort of times.

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