Five Years Of Blogging

So I’ve been doing this blog for five years now! It’s flown by. I didn’t expect I would be doing it this long.

I’m going to be a bit self-indulgent and talk about what led me to do it in the first place. I was at uni and I wanted to do a music trivia website, but I never thought I would, I didn’t know how for a start. Around the same time I read a book called The Rough Guide To Cult TV, and that mentioned a website called The Custard TV. A bit later I emailed them a review of the website in the style of the reviews that were on the website. I contributed some reviews to the website, which are still on there I think, it’s had a few redesigns since I was a contributer. I got a couple of emails from people who made a documentary called Animation Nation saying they liked my review of it, which I was far too shy to reply to, and I regret it now, but hey. I think The Custard TV has a different editor now, but I did get to meet the editor at the time and we went to see Avenue Q!

I learned about a website called lowculture on there, and a bit later I joined the forums after their support of Aisleyne from Big Brother 7. That forum changed the way I watched television, possibly forever. Anyway, I became a fan of a lot of posters on there who had blogs, namely Monkseal, Rad, guyliner, and Steven Perkins. I admired them a lot, and it inspired me to create my own. lowculture also introduced me to TV Tropes, which in turn introduced me to Channel Awesome and Chez Apocalypse which had some great reviewers on, especially Lindsay Ellis and Todd In The Shadows.

I wanted the blog to evolve more or less naturally, I wanted to see how it would turn out rather than having any real plan for it. I ended up doing a lot more natural history documentaries than I thought I would, but they turned out to be very popular, and with hindsight I think I was more into nature documentaries before I was a pop music geek. You can learn some random stuff about yourself from blogging. One thing, I never noticed it before, but I seem to do alliteration a lot! Also, a lot of people aren’t keen on their blog names, and honestly I’ve never liked mine much, I’ve always thought it sounds so fey and airy, but I am very much the sort of person who drifts off listening to music with my earphones in, so it fits well I guess.

I’ve talked to so many interesting people from doing this. Nature documentary fans from India, Doctor Who fans from Canada, a New York art student, a blogger whose interests are fashion and history. There was also another fan of the ’90s gameshow version of Cluedo, and part of me thinks it’s so weird to think we watched that as children at the same time in different parts of the country and over 20 years later we would be talking about it online.

Top Ten Most Viewed Posts

1) Now 86

This is by a long way my most viewed post. 5 years is a long time in pop music, it was a different pop landscape then. Miley Cyrus was a big deal at the time, but not so much now. OneRepublic were trying to sound like Imagine Dragons. Rizzle Kicks, it’s strange they haven’t had a hit in a while. ‘What Does The Fox Say’ by Ylvis! Oddly enough, I heard my favourite track on this album, ‘Burn’ by Ellie Goulding the other day which I hadn’t for a while, and it was nice to hear it again.

2) The Snowman And The Snowdog

The rather sweet sequel to the classic cartoon The Snowman has become something of a Christmas tradition itself. Every year since I posted this from November to February I get lots of views and Google search terms for it.

3) Peter Kay’s Car Share

This always gets a lot of views and search terms all year round! This was a very popular sitcom and Peter Kay’s best work in a very long time. His co-star Sian Gibson deserves credit too, she has been a revelation.

4) The Royle Family Christmas Special 2012

Surprisingly, this also gets a lot of views and search terms all year round despite it being a Christmas special. People like their sitcoms I guess. This will almost certainly be the final ever episode of one Britain’s best sitcoms. It’s all the more poignant now, after the deaths of Caroline Aherne and Liz Smith in 2016.

5) Top Ten Best Big Brother Eviction Moments

As you might expect, this post is my top ten favourite Big Brother eviction moments.

6) My Mad Fat Diary (Series One)

It is weird to think while doing this blog a series has came along, been a big hit and finished. I’m glad the first series review is still the most viewed, as I think it’s still the best of the My Mad Fat Diary reviews I did.

7) My Top 6 Underrated Doctor Who Episodes

This was the second ever blogpost I did, and it was a bit of a slowburner, it gradually built up views. I’ve long considered updating it to be a full top ten or doing another 4 in a separate list, but perhaps its fine as it is.

8) The Polar Bear Family & Me

Gordon Buchanan filming a Polar Bear family, mother Lyra and her two cubs Miki and Luca. The polar family certainly seem to have struck a chord with people, as I got a LOT of Google search hits about them. Sadly the global warming situation only looks to be getting worse and worse, especially after recent political events.

9) The X Factor (Series 12)

The big revamp series which was supposed to get The X Factor back to its glory days, turned out to be the series which they more or less airbrushed from history. But it honestly wasn’t that bad really. Lauren Murray was one of my favourite contestants.

10) Now 88

This post was temporarily used as a reference source on Wikipedia. I mentioned that George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’ used a Vox Continetal organ. That has to be the most surreal moment of blogging so far, I never would have expected that.

Special mention for this one:

Popstars – 15 Memories 15 Years On

Former contestant Claire Freeland read and commented!

I’m more eager to do this blog than ever, so if you have read, commented, followed over the years, thank you so much!

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