Deutschland 86 and 89?

The plan at the moment for future series of Deutschland is for series two to be set in 1986 and series three to be set in 1989, the year which saw the end of the Berlin Wall. Hopefully these will happen, at the moment it isn’t clear if they are going to do another series, but if so there are a lot of questions.

What happened with the gunshot at the Edel’s family home?

If Alex survives, does he have HIV?

Martin’s cover is well and truly blown now, so if he goes back to the West, how?
Will he defect?
What will happen with his relationship with Annett, and their baby?
Will Martin ever find out who his father is?

Will Thomas become a spy for the East?

Will Annett become a spy? She seems a hell of a lot less conflicted about the orders of the East German government than Martin ever was.

Will the West investigate and find out that the real Moritz Stamm was murdered?
Will they find out that Linda Seiler was murdered? Will her body be discovered?

Will Lenora return? It certainly looked like she had no intention of ever coming back.

Will Yvonne give up on her ideals after these experiences?

There are probably many more, but that’s just off the top of my head. It will certainly be interesting to find out.

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2 Responses to Deutschland 86 and 89?

  1. GlamourPrin says:

    I found season 1 really interesting and there is soo many more characters and things to explore so cannot wait for season 2

    • fused says:

      Sorry to respond to this comment about 3 months after it was posted, but just to add that I agree. And thanks for reading, liking, commenting and following!

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