Deutschland 83 – ‘Brave Guy’


Episode Two


A few weeks after the events of ‘Quantum Jump’, Renate has a poor memory of the night, but still remembers Moritz making the call to the East. Ursula doesn’t believe her, and she’s more concerned with Yvonne not contacting her since she moved to live in an ashram in Cologne.

Moritz and Alex are at a hotel where there is to be a meeting with a head analyst from NATO, Henrik Mayer (Jens Albinus). Moritz is in his hotel room eating an orange and
watching TV, when he gets a knock on the door. A woman, Nina (Lena Lauzemis), is holding a gun to him! She asks him his name. He answers his fake name, she says she wants his real name from East Germany. He says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so Nina puts the gun down. She is working for the East. She praises Moritz for not cracking at gunpoint, but says if he had, she would have killed him there and then!
She gives him a bug and tells him to plant it in Mayer’s room.

Nina has a line I found interesting. “Capitalists like to buy things and fear that other people will steal them”. From my perspective, as someone who has always lived in a capitalist country, it’s odd that people buying things and not wanting them to be stolen would ever be seen as unusual.

Meanwhile, at Friedrich Wilehim University, Tobias is giving a speech about peace. Alex is impressed, and goes up to him afterwards, getting his contact details.

In the East, Annett has been skinny dipping with a work colleague, Thomas (Vladimir Burlakov), but after Lenora shows her a letter from Martin about how worried he is about his mother, Annett offers to move in with Ingrid to help her out.

General Edel sends Alex and Moritz to the ashram Yvonne is staying to bring her back home. Alex loses his temper and storms off, but the calmer Moritz manages to persuade Yvonne to come home.

This was a very funny episode. So much went wrong for Moritz. After he has planted the bug in Mayer’s room, Jackson comes in and says he likes Mayer’s room better, so they swap! Moritz has to replant the bug. He has to photograph some secret plans while the dinner is being held. As he has a key for what is now Jackson’s room rather than Mayer’s room, he has to go into Jackson’s room, climb out of the window onto the roof and into Mayer’s room. He has by this point forgotten the code, so has to crowbar the safe out, where it lands on his foot! He eventually opens it, but the secret file isn’t on paper, but a floppy disk! Photographing it would be useless, and if he takes it they’d know a spy was among them. He takes it anyway, and throws it on the grass where another Eastern spy collects it.

Earlier in the episode, a waitress, Crystal (Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann) asked Moritz for his room number. He replied that he has a girlfriend. She says she just wanted to bill his room for the steak dinner.

After Moritz climbed back into his room from dropping off the floppy disk, where he finds Crystal in his bed wearing a towel. She tries to seduce him, but quickly turns to beating him up and trying to stab him!

Moritz manages to fight Crystal off, partly by whacking her with an ice bucket, and she falls down some stairs and escapes. She must have been a spy too, possibly for the KGB or Chinese intelligence. After Moritz tells the West officers about his attack, Mayer announces his disk is missing. Moritz is able to blame it on Crystal. Then a man who once met the real Stamm comes up, doesn’t recognise him, but seems to believe it is him anyway. Moritz laughs in the mirror, then looks a little unsettled. It’s an understandable reaction. It is very funny how he managed to dodge so many bullets through dumb luck, but you could hardly blame him for being a little shaken up by it all.

Then he meets Linda Seiler (Nikola Kastner), Henrik’s secretary who works at NATO miliatray analysis office, and there seems to be an attraction between them.

I know the picture at the top of this post isn’t from this episode. Sorry, but it’s probably going to be a regular thing.

Nina is referred to as Petra by people in the episode, but she is credited as Nina on IMDB. It’s possible that “Petra” is simply a code name in the same way Moritz is for Martin. I was under the impression that Nina is the same woman who killed the real Moritz Stamm, but I’m not sure on this.

Similarly, Crystal is never referred to by that name in the episode itself, but that is how the character is credited on IMDB.

‘Brave Guy’ had many funny moments, such as the hotel mentioning Hitler enjoyed staying there as if that is some kind of celebrity endorsement, and Moritz saying he just wants “just normal steak,  from a cow” when asked what sort of steak he wanted.

The highlight of this episode though was Moritz enjoying a Toblerone as a benefit of being in the West.

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