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Sharks, like many predatory animals, tend to get a mixture of fear and admiration from people. On one level, people are terrified of them, on another they admire them for being strong, powerful creatures. Sharks do tend to be more … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2015

The 6oth year of the contest should probably have been spectacular, but it… wasn’t. It was very downbeat. This was partly because there were a lot more ballads than usual, but it also seemed to be intentional from a TV … Continue reading

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Peter Kay’s Car Share (Series 1)

CONTAINS SPOILERS This new sitcom starred and was directed by comedian Peter Kay. He also writes a lot of it, with other writers such as Tim Reid, Paul Coleman and his co-star Sian Gibson. The series was notable in they … Continue reading

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Inside No. 9 – ‘Seance Time’

Series 2, Episode 6 CONTAINS SPOILERS This episode at first feels like it is going to be similar to the final episode of series one, ‘The Harrowing’. Both take place in a spooky Victorian-styled haunted house. Tina (Sophie McShera) goes … Continue reading

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Inside No. 9 – ‘Nana’s Party’

Series 2, Episode 5 CONTAINS SPOILERS Angela (Claire Skinner) is making sure everything is clean and tidy for her mother’s 79th birthday party, though she goes to quite extreme lengths, worrying about it the tassels on the rug are neat … Continue reading

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