headphonedaydreams – 3rd year anniversary

So I’ve made it to the 3rd year of doing this blog, and as usual as a way of doing highlights from it here are the top ten most viewed of posts made during that year, followed by ones that were liked by other bloggers but didn’t quite get as many views. This year though a lot of the ones that were most viewed were also liked by other bloggers, so perhaps that means I’m getting the balance right.

The Top Ten Most Viewed Posts

1) Top Ten Best Big Brother Eviction Moments

The top ten begins with a top ten list. Here are my favourite eviction moments from Big Brother. Some because they were satisfying results, some because they were great car crash TV, and some because believe it or not there are times when the Big Brother producers come up with good twists.

2) The X Factor (Series 11)

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole Fernandez-Versini returned to the judges line-up, Mel B was a new addition, the winner and runner-up, Ben Haenow and Fleur East respectively, were the best two contestants, one of the groups Only The Young bought a lot of fun, and it had the best Halloween theme week of any series. With all that in mind, it should have felt like a classic series, but unfortunately the good was outweighed by the same old manipulations, predictable themes and the sense that we’ve seen it all before.

3) Now 88

This likely got so many views because it was actually used as a reference source for Wikipedia! That is both the biggest and the most bizarre thing that has happened while doing this blog. I never expected that. It was because I mentioned George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’ using a Vox Continental organ. It’s very flattering, though I’d be even more embarrassed if it turned out I was mistaken than I would normally.  Anyway, I remember I was in a good mood when I wrote this review, as I felt the songs included on it were a good soundtrack to a nice summer.

4) The Apprentice (Series 10)

The tenth series of The Apprentice was really boring. It was only on about 3 months ago and I can barely remember any of it, and I have a good memory for worthless pop culture trivia. It wasn’t offensively awful, but I doubt there will be much nostalgia for it in the future.

5) My Mad Fat Diary (Series 2)

With hindsight, I probably should have done an episode by episode review of this series, as there was so much to talk about, and so my series overview of it became a little crammed and went on forever. Series 2 went into darker territory than series 1, as the lives of Rae and all the people around her became more complex. This is one of the best UK dramas in recent years.

6) Penguin Post Office

A documentary about a British post office located in Port Lockroy in Antarctica, which is also home to a colony of penguins. The title might sound sweet, but this documentary didn’t sugarcoat how harsh the natural world is. Though it also showed that the Penguin Post Office has a magical, charming quality to it.

7) Now 87

The one with the cutesy, monstrous Humpty Dumpty egg people on the cover. This compilation album is coming up to a year old, but it feels like a lifetime ago for some reason. It does feature some of the biggest and best hits of 2014 (such as ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne), and some of the very worst of 2014 (such as ‘#SELFIE’ by the Chainsmokers).

8) Big Brother 15

A series which had a ‘Power Trip’ theme, and resulted in one of the most weird series the franchise has ever had. My favourite housemate won though. Yes, I know Helen isn’t exactly the most popular winner ever, but I maintain that she was by far the most interesting housemate in this series.

9) Nature’s Weirdest Events (Series 4)

The fourth series of Nature’s Weirdest Events (though only the second one I’ve reviewed), featured swimming pigs, a flooded shopping mall full of fish, a rabbit island, anacondas which can birth without mating and strange sea creatures.

10) Top Ten Songs of 2014

So the top ten is bookended with top ten lists. Here are my favourite songs of 2014.

Here are the posts which were liked, but missed out on the top ten.

Doctor Who series 8

My reviews of series 7 had more views, but my series 8 ones were liked by other bloggers more. Not sure what that means really, but series 8 was a solid series. This was the first with the new Doctor Peter Capaldi, and it was a great series for continuing companion Clara (Jenna Coleman). Though I think my favourite part of it was the fabulous Michelle Gomez as a new take on an old nemesis, Missy, formerly known as The Master. I’m happy with the new Doctor and Missy and with series 8, but I do agree with a comment I saw in the comment section of an online Guardian article once which said it would have been even better if Michelle Gomez had been cast as the new Doctor and Peter Capaldi had been cast as the new Master.

Esio Trot

A pretty good feature length TV adaptation of one of the lesser known Roald Dahl novels. Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench were brilliant as the leads, but the film could have done to be a little shorter. (It wasn’t a long book after all).

Our Zoo

Lee Ingleby stars in a drama based on how Chester Zoo came to be. This was a nice series, with a great cast, and for me one of the best TV shows of 2014. As much as TV schedules don’t mean anywhere near as much as they once did in this age of people being able to watch programmes whenever they want, I still think this was broadcast at completely the wrong time, on Wednesday nights, when this could have attracted a wider audience if it had been broadcast on Sunday evenings.

Father Noah’s Ark

A 1933 Disney Silly Symphonies cartoon adaptation of Noah’s Ark, and which I always remembered whenever we learned about Noah’s Ark at school.

Eurovision 2014

BEST EUROVISION EVER! The standard of songs were higher, Conchita Wurst is a great winner and Denmark did a fantastic job hosting it.

Now 89

At the time, I said that this compilation didn’t feel as “big” as the last Now album of the year/the one people get as a Christmas present usually does, but a few months down the line and it does as some of the tracks on there continued to be big hits into this year.

Celebrity Big Brother 15

The highest rated Big Brother series for Channel 5, which had a twisted fairytale theme and became mostly about the Wicked Witch Katie Hopkins versus the grotesque troll Perez Hilton.

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