100th Post

100 Posts in 2 and a half years! Shows how rare it is I update this blog then.

I could have written “I will not celebrate meaningless milestones” over and over again like Bart Simpson had to do in the opening credits blackboard joke on The Simpsons 100th episode (which was Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song if you’re wondering), but instead I’ll talk about the blog a bit.

I’d long wanted to do a music trivia website, and I intended this blog to be more music focused at the beginning, and it still is, but there has been more focus on some of my other interests. I’ve loved animals and natural history documentaries for longer than I’ve been an obsessive  music fan, but I have to admit I was surprised that they’ve proven to be one of the most viewed posts on this blog. But I like that they have, as it encouraged me to blog more about them, and I think it’s made the blog more interesting. I’ve more recently began to cover animation as well.

If there’s one thing I have learned about blogging it’s that it is very Trial and Error. The blog has seen a lot of changes in appearance. I think I have got better at is as I have gone along, or I hope so at least. You do learn a lot about yourself and your own interests, and they are good to keep remind you of stuff that you would otherwise have forgotten.

Anyway, here’s to be next 100!

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