Top Ten Best Big Brother Eviction Moments

With the latest series of Big Brother soon to start, here is a list of my top ten all-time favourite eviction moments.

10) Sallie Axl car crash interviews (BB14)

Emma Willis was certainly thrown in at the deep end for her first eviction interview as main host of the series. In Big Brother 14 the first evictee was DJ-Glamour Model-Fire eater-Ninja-Pirate-Zombie-Robot Sallie Axl. Sallie demanded food and drink, and shouted to the crowd what saddos they were for queuing up since the afternoon just to boo her. The obligatory OMG! SHOCK!!TWIST for the first week was that they hired an actor to be a mole and do stuff to wind up the housemates. The actor they got, a carrot-topped slice of Ham and Cheese named Michael, got an “eviction” interview himself on the same night, but this seemed to be just an excuse to have get more out of Sallie, as they had her stay hissing and spewing acid like the Xenomorph from Alien throughout his interview. It was perfectly planned car crash TV, but entertaining car crash TV all the same.

9) Heaven falls down the stairs (BB12)

Heaven from Big Brother 12 completed the Holy Trinity of eccentric celestially named female housemates along with Angel in BB10 and Sunshine in BB11 who all were evicted in week 3. They were each regarded as one of the most fascinating housemates of their respective series, despite their frustratingly short stays. It’s particularly annoying that all three might have lasted longer too. Angel was up in a head to head against Freddie, the fan favourite at the time, Sunshine was apparently very close to staying, and Heaven was extremely close to staying, with less than half a percent sealing her fate. Still she managed to go out with a bang. There have been many slip-ups on the stairs over the years as Big Brother contestants leave the house, but nobody managed to do it as elaborately as Heaven, who nearly fell through the staircase. She laughed uproariously, before going up and almost falling down a second time.

8) Stuart’s Epic Stage Dive Fail (BB9)

Big Brother 9‘s Stuart wasn’t a particularly memorable housemate. He was a generic gym-obsessed “hunk”, with the only difference between him and any of the others that have been on Big Brother was that he liked to wear guyliner in lieu of actually having a personality. But he almost made up for it with his exit. When he was evicted he decided to stage dive and threw himself into the crowd hoping to crowd surf, but instead they moved aside and let him thud on the floor.

7) Shabnam’s Thriller Dance (BB8)

Shabnam made no secret of the fact she only went on Big Brother 8 to become famous, and even asked the other housemates to nominate her so she could be evicted and get magazine deals. This obviously made her unpopular with many viewers, though in hindsight a lot of people thought she should have stayed a bit longer. Still, she at least gave us a memorable eviction night. She wore a short skirt with no knickers, and hearing the boos outside said “Why are they booing me? I’m fuuuuuuuun!”, and when the doors opened yelled “SHAMONE!” and broke into a Thriller dance. After the show she had the worst ever attempt for a Big Brother contestant to try for a pop career (which as you can imagine is against some stiff competition) when she unleashed a truly horrendous cover of Lulu’s ‘Shout’.

6) “Mint Banter” Kris is booted out (BB10)

Big Brother 10 had a problem of too many of the more interesting housemates up against each other in a head to head eviction battle, but it had one of the most satisfying eviction results too. Kris was a vacuous douchebag, the kind who probably uses the wanker from that “Everyone knows a bloke like Mickey” advert as a role model. Kris thought that his “mint banter”, bullying of eccentric fop Freddie and tedious showmance with ditzy glamour model Sophie would make him popular with viewers. It didn’t. He was evicted the first time he was up with 63% of vote against four other housemates.

5) Benedict takes a chair with him (BB13)

Benedict, who had been a teacher and a porn star before appearing on Big Brother 13, went far too early, only lasting 3 weeks, but he made sure he had a good exit. He decided to take one of the house chairs with him. As he left he casually told vain bodybuilder Luke S that he had put curry powder in his protein shake. Then he sat on the chair with his back to doors and spun round as they opened, before carrying it over his head as he walked out.

4) Emma and Michelle’s fake eviction (BB5)

At one time, this would have been the number one choice, but while it’s a good twist the secret room/fake eviction has been overused so much everyone just shrugs it off now. It’s more of a shock when a series doesn’t use it. But the original is still the best.

In the second week of Big Brother 5 the housemates nominated as usual but instead of voting to evict the viewers were voting to send two of the nominees into a secret room, the Big Brother Bedsit. There the two would be able to spy on the rest of the housemates on a TV and be able to play pranks on them, giving them cold showers and chilli chocolate cake. Emma and Michelle were chosen, and their excitement was fun to watch, with them jumping on the beds and later icing their boobs. It also had a sense of identification, in that they were a bit like us viewers, watching the housemates on TV and commenting on them. At the time, a lot of people wanted it to go on longer. But they were put back in the main house after a week during a party, and, well, seeing what had been said about them while they were gone, plus resentment at their return from rival alliance the Jungle Cats Victor and Jason, plus of course alcohol led to the infamous Fight Night. Food was thrown, tables were overturned, shouting and arguments went on all night until the live feed was cut and security was sent in, ultimately ending with Emma being removed from the house permanently. Whichever way you look at it, the twist and its repercussions rank as among the most memorable events of Big Brother.

3) Deana & Becky beat Conor & Arron in the vote (BB13)

Switching to a vote to save is the best change the show made when it went to Channel 5. It helps keep the big characters in, but it also feels more satisfying when a favourite is saved, as it proves to the house that the housemate is popular, not just less hated as is the case with vote to evict. It’s also great to see mistreated housemates outlast their bullies.

In the fifth eviction of Big Brother 13, the four housemates nominated were Arron, Becky, Conor and Deana (which led to fans calling it the ABCD eviction because of the alphabetical names). The four housemates had a viewers questions round in the Diary Room, in which the two boys sat on the chair leaving the girls to sit on the floor, picking on the girls and generally being smug and nasty to them. The girls defended themselves well enough, but it was still satisfying to see the result of the vote, with Deana receiving the most votes and Becky second, and the two boys knowing they were in the bottom 2 and having to wait and see which one of them would be evicted. After weeks of being given a hard time by the in-crowd in the house, it was fantastic to see Deana get such a vote of confidence from the public, dancing and declaring that “Good has overcome evil!” in the Diary Room. Later Arron was announced to have the fewest votes and big, hard manly man Conor was left crying in the corner.

Like the BB5 entry, this eviction might have been the top one at one point, if not for how the rest of the series turned out. Becky sucked up to and become the sycophant of the same in-crowd that picked on her before getting unceremoniously evicted, and Conor got no real comeuppance, buggering off with half the prize money in that stupid White Room task. Thankfully Deana did alright out of it, her two closest allies in the house Adam and Luke A finished runner-up and winner respectively. She finished in 3rd place and as the last female housemate standing, the same as other controversial sassy diva cult favourite housemates Makosi BB6, Aisleyne BB7 and later Gina BB14.

2) Kat isn’t careful what she wishes for (BB9)

Kat was the favourite to win Big Brother 9 for much of this series, but she ended up having one of the most celebrated evictions of them all. Not only that, but it was an eviction where the viewers were voting for the winner, so she went because hardly anyone wanted her to win. How did her popularity plummet so much? Well, her persona of loving cookies and shouting “Cookie power!” seemed fun and adorable at first, but it got tiresome after a while. Then there was her terrible singing “HAPPY HOUSE HAPPY HOUSE HAPPY HOUSE HAPPY HOUSE!”, which was just one of the really annoying passive-aggressive ways she tried to control the house. The other ways were by bursting into tears whenever there was a slightest argument, or by sneaky late night plotting of nominations so that only her bestest bestie best fwiends would be the final with her. The show sprung a surprise double eviction, which first took out bogie-eating human dustbin Greedy Mo, and after his interview went back to the house announcing there’d be another eviction. Kat said “Don’t take any more of my fwiends away Big Brother”. Well, she got her wish, as SHE was announced to be the evictee, and after a lot of wailing and taking so long to leave Big Brother had to announce to the house that she “must leave immediately!”, off she went.

1) Sezer’s jaw drops (BB7)

Big Brother 7‘s Sezer managed to go off the scale in the Small Name, Big Ego stakes, even for reality TV. He was arrogant from the start, entering the house on launch night calling it “Sezer’s palace”. He was more of a scrawny ferret than the alpha male gorilla he probably saw himself as. He stopped short of trying to beat his puny chest, but he did some pretend boxing moves. He said he had a gameplan to at least last the full series, but it was never a great one. He bragged he would bully other housemates, which isn’t exactly the best way to make the public side with you. Then he openly discussed nominations, which led to him getting banned from nominating. That week he was announced as one of the nominees, and even then he acted like he was safe and would survive eviction easily as girls would fancy him and vote to keep him in. Then eviction night came. He was announced as the evictee and his jaw almost dropped all the way through the floorboards. After all that bluster about how he was going to rule the series and him being a great gameplayer he was out in just 2 weeks. Not only that, his eviction percentage was a record breaker, at the time it was the highest eviction percentage ever, a massive 91.6 % in a 3 way vote.

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