The second year of this blog, and it’s seen a lot of redecorating and changes in appearance, but it’s made it to two years. Here we have some highlights from the second year, the top ten most viewed posts that were made during that time and ones which were liked by other bloggers. But first a couple of special mentions.

Penguins Spy In The Huddle

The last post I made of the first year of the blog, as such it didn’t quite make it into the top ten, but overall it has been one of the most viewed, so it gets a place here. This was a documentary where robot penguins (ROBOT PENGUINS!!!! Seriously, how awesome is that?) film the real thing in their natural habitat, and is narrated by David Tennant. Of course it’s lovable.

Doctor Who: Series 7.2

The Bells Of Saint John made the top ten most viewed, but almost all of the Doctor Who posts were ‘liked’, so with that in mind I’m just going to go ahead and include all of the second half of series 7 in a category of its own.

Series 7.2 saw Clara becoming a full time companion, and where she and the Doctor encounter evil new technology, a haunted house,  and go to the centre of the TARDIS. Then we had a trilogy of episodes with the series finale (The Name of the Doctor) the 50th Anniversary (The Day of the Doctor) and Matt Smith’s final episode (The Time of the Doctor).

Here is a list of  top ten most viewed posts created in the second year of the blog.

1) Now 86

Currently my most viewed post ever. My review of the third/winter/one that people get for Christmas Now album of 2013 (excluding the various spin-offs). The album features my favourite track of 2013, ‘Burn’ by Ellie Goulding.

2) Giant Squid: Filming The Impossible – Natural World Special

A documentary featuring the first time the legendary giant squid has been filmed in it’s natural habitat.

3) The Apprentice  (Series 9)

A very good series of the show was won by the fabulously fire-and-ice candidate Dr. Leah Totton. Lovable Mean Girl Luisa Zissman was runner-up, and we also met one of the biggest fan favourites ever, posh teddy bear owning history graduate Jason Leech. Others in the impressive cast included Tigger (played by sweet, bouncy Tim Stillwell), Carla Connor (played by tough saleswoman Rebecca Slater) and Count Dracula (played by tombstone seller Alex Mills).

4) Bigfoot Files

Mark Evans and Professor Brian Sykes use DNA testing to investigate the truth behind legends such as Bigfoot in the USA, the Yeti in the Himalayas and the Almasty in Russia.

5) Nature’s Weirdest Events

A series of programmes highlighting bizarre events in the natural world, including bleeding trees, a shark-infested lake in a golf club, and bees making green honey.

6) Animal Odd Couples

A BBC documentary on how different species can form friendships with each other, including a brotherhood of a lion, a tiger and a bear, and a mother cat who adopted some baby ducklings.

7) Only Connect: Comic Relief Special

A Comic Relief special episode of the quiz show which featured Victoria Coren wearing a jester’s hat, and her husband David Mitchell on one of the teams, along with questions about Spoonerisms, crime fighting duos and summer months.

8) The IT Crowd – The Internet Is Coming

An hour-long special which served as a great finale to the sitcom, which had a good plot, handled the meta references well and a better attempt at new media satire than many have managed.

9) Now 84

The first/spring/one that people get for Easter Now! album (excluding spin-offs etc), this one’s notable with just how many artists have two songs included on it.

10) Dolphins- Spy In The Pod

You liked robot penguins, here are ROBOT DOLPHINS! !

The pattern in the top ten list last year was snow, this year it’s more of a theme of how weird and wonderful the natural world can be, from things which exist like giant squids and bees making stange coloured honey, or and what we are inspired to create from it, like myths of giant ape-men like Yeti or Bigfoot. Or to literally create robot penguins and dolphins.

Here is a list of posts which didn’t quite make it into the top ten, but were ‘liked’ by other bloggers.

The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones

Possibly the cartoon crossover. The Modern Space Age Family meet the Modern Stone Age Family. Lots of future-past collisions jokes, a decent plot and meta-references that are actually quite subtle. This is quite good.

Jetsons: The Movie

This, however, isn’t. A watchable random mess of ’60s sitcom clichés, furry critters, environmental messages and Tiffany songs. Speaking of Tiffany, it’s most infamous for the fact that they replaced the original voice actress with her to play Judy Jetson in a vain attempt to get teenagers to come and see the film.

Being Human (Series 5)

The final series of the BBC Three comedy-drama had a completely different cast from what it started out as, but it was also one of the strongest series of them all and ended with a brilliant finale.

Big Brother 14

An occasionally fun but mostly mediocre series. My favourite housemate, deaf nice guy Sam Evans, won, though with hindsight the only one of the cast I’d rate as “a great housemate” was gorgeous laser-eyed fembot Hazel O’Sullivan.

The Breakfast Club

My love-hate relationship with this ’80s classic.

Skins (Series 7)

Like The Internet Is Coming, this was another  special finale to end a whole series. Three separate stories catching up on Effy, Naomi and Emily (Fire), Cassie (Pure) and Cook (Rise). Cassie spends some time in her story listening to music with her headphones and drifting off to her own imagination, so it’s apt she’s a favourite for this blog.

Susie The Little Blue Coupe

A 1952 animated Disney short showing the autobiography (dreadful pun intended) of a nice little blue car named Susie, who’s design inspired that of the Pixar Cars franchise.

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