Only Connect: Comic Relief Special


A Comic Relief version of the show, notable in that at the end of the episode Victoria Coren was wearing a jester’s hat. Also one of the teams featured her husband David Mitchell. Perhaps sensibly, they didn’t make too much of this. It would probably the sort of in-joke that would wear thin after a while. It was more or less restricted to the opening, with Victoria Coren commenting that David Mitchell was “happier when he was single” and Rosie Boycott, the captain of David Mitchell’s team joking that their “link the management” might give them an advantage.

The Muppets (David Mitchell, Rosie Boycott and Bill Turnbull), named after, well, the Muppets. The opposing team was the Neuromantics, which was a pun on New Romantics, because Rufus Hound got engaged to his wife a week after dating her, Charlie Higson was in an ’80s band (albeit not a New Romantic one) and Baroness Susan Greenfield is a neuroscientist. Charlie Higson and Ruth Boycott were the team captains, just as they had been in last year’s Children In Need special where Charlie Higson was the team captain of The Goldfingers and Ruth Boycott was the team captain of the Fowls.

The music based ones are usually the ones I do better at than other subjects, but I didn’t get any of them right this time. David Mitchell didn’t do too well on that subject either, but at least he admitted early on in the quiz it wasn’t his strong point, as he put it “If I’ve heard of a pop star they really are massive!”.

I got the first couple of connections right, although only because of the last clue of each. The first connection was Spoonerisms. Fighting a liar (Lighting a fire), Blushing crow (Crushing blow), Well boiled icicle (Well oiled bicycle) and Queer old dead (Dear old queen). The second connection was what connected £100,000, deep purple, P.G Woodhouse and Jack Horner’s thumb was “plum”. I didn’t get one of the picture rounds, but I quite liked the idea of it, halves of crime fighting duos including an red breasted robin to represent Robin, Batman’s sidekick, and an empty rabbit hutch to represent one half of Starsky and Hutch. I got the connection right of the second picture round, that they were daily newspapers represented by pictures of the title (A star, a mirror, chainmail and the sun). I didn’t get that they were the best selling papers going up though.

I got the etymologies of summer months right, Augustus Caesar who August was named after, to go with Julius Caesar (July), the wife of Jupiter, i.e Juno (June) and the Goddess of Spring, i.e Maia (May). On the water connecting wall I guessed that Aversion, Electro-shock, Gestalt and Gene were all types of therapy, and that “belt” could be put after Radiation, Asteroid, Green and Bible.

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