headphonedaydreams – 1 Year Anniversary

I have been doing this blog for one year, making 45 posts, excluding this one. So to celebrate a year in blogging here is a post about some of the most popular posts on this blog so far.

Top Ten Most Viewed Posts

1) The Royle Family Christmas Special 2012

By a long way my most viewed post to date. It seems blogging about a Christmas special of a show that tends to get high ratings gets you lots of Google hits. Who knew? Quite a few were searching for “Cadging Carol”. She may be a scrounger, but she’s given me lots of blog hits.

2) The Polar Bear Family & Me

A documentary series presented by wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan about a polar bear family. A mother bear, Lyra, and her cubs, Miki and Luca, where we see their struggle for survival over spring, summer and autumn in the Arctic. It’s clear from the search terms I got that many were interested and moved by the story of this polar bear family and the struggles they faced.

3) My Mad Fat Diary

The brilliant E4 drama series starring Sharon Rooney has been very popular, so it’s no surprise that it is already one of the most viewed posts on my blog. The series has a fantastic soundtrack of ’90s classics, some of which I listed in the post.

4) The Apprentice (Series 8)

The series wasn’t well received by long-term fans, but as a relative newcomer to the Apprentice franchise I quite enjoyed it. It was won by a wrestling biochemist named Ricky Martin, but my favourite finalist was Jade Nash.

5) My Top 6 Underrated Doctor Who Episodes

You know how some songs by big pop stars with large fanbases go straight in at number one when released, and their sales drop gradually each week? Then there are other songs which never quite rise to number one but sell very consistently, like for instance ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. This post is the equivalent of one of those songs. It is one of the earliest posts on the blog, and one which has been viewed all year round. It seems lists of underrated Doctor Who episodes are something that is searched for all the time.

6) Only Connect Special: Eggheads Vs Davids

The crossover quiz between people from Eggheads who spoiler alert were beaten/scrambled/fried/poached/boiled/cracked/made into an omelette/saved for Easter/insert your own egg-related pun by a team of members of previous Only Connect series champions.

7) Snow White and the Huntsman

A gorgeous but, in my opinion, fairly patchy film, despite Charlize Theron’s best efforts to make it more interesting. I wasn’t too bothered about who Snow White ended up with in the end, but I personally reckon it’s the Huntsman.

8) The Snowman and The Snowdog

The rather lovely sequel to the Raymond Briggs classic.

9) Doctor Who – Asylum Of The Daleks

The first episode of series 7, and in my view the best Dalek episode of the series since it was revived in 2005. It also sees the begins the five episodes that see the send-off to companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, plus an introduction to Jenna Louise Coleman who plays the new companion.

10) Doctor Who – The Snowmen

So the top ten posts are bookended by two huge TV Christmas specials.

Overall, snow has been a big feature in the most viewed posts in the first year of my blog. Polar bears, fairytale princesses, living snowmen and snowdogs and Daleks all against snowy landscapes. That’s before we’ve even got to my last post before this one, which was all about penguins!

For the rest of the list, there are some that didn’t quite make the top ten most viewed but still seemed to be well liked.

Only Connect: My Highlights Of Series 6

I have to give special mention to this post for the sheer amount of Google hits I got for “Victoria Coren not allowed within 100 yards of Alex Guttenplan” and variations of it.

Here are some more that were ‘liked’ by other bloggers.

The BRIT Awards 2013

In a nutshell, it was a rather dull ceremony, but James Corden’s jokes were a bit better, his presenting was a little worse, Taylor Swift’s performance was pretty good, Ben Howard’s performance was nice. But if you’d like to read more feel free to click on the link.


The breathtaking nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough and recently broadcast on BBC 1.

Top Ten Songs of 2012

My favourite ten songs from 2012, which include a Eurovision winner, a New Jersey rock band, a stadium indie band teaming up with an pop-R&B superstar, and a drum and bass DJ collaborating with a folksy singer-songwriter.

Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

The brilliant mid-series finale of series 7. The Weeping Angels become more horrifying, River Song becomes more awesome, and an emotional, tearjerker farewell to companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

NOW 83

Rumoured to be the last ever album in the Now That’s What I Call Music! series at the time of release, that turned out to be not the case, but here’s what I thought of it.

Red Dwarf X

The sci-fi sitcom celebrated its 25th anniversary in February this year, and this series broadcast last year was the tenth overall and the first full length one in ages. It was a return to form.

Britains Strangest Pets

I was surprised this post was liked (it also came very close to making the top ten most viewed), but I imagine there weren’t many reviews covering this Channel 5 documentary series.

Big Brother 13

A surprisingly very good series of a franchise which, even the most hardcore fan would have to admit, is long past its best. For housemates to root for there was the lovely Lauren, nice guy female-to-male transsexual Luke A, laid back former gang member Adam and best of all the fabulous Deana. We also had some great ‘baddies’ in beefy bully boy Conor, and snooty, deranged Caroline. I got some Google hits for “Deana museum task sneeze” and “How often has Jet the Gladiator been on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side?”.

Being Human series 4

The last ever series concluded last night, and a review of that will be coming up soon, but here’s my review of series 4, which was an end of an era in itself as it was the last to feature any of the cast from series one.

The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

Should have made some time to write up a review of Batman Begins really so I could say I did the whole trilogy. Ah well, that’s one target for the second year of the blog. He’s my take on Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman.

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