Only Connect Special: Eggheads Vs Davids

There are occasionally special episodes of Only Connect they do every so often, sometimes champions of one series vs champions of another, sometimes specials for Children In Need or Comic Relief, and ones with a team from other brainy quiz shows. We’ve already has specials with teams being made up of former contestants of University Challenge and Mastermind, and now we have a team from Eggheads, though it’s made up of the Eggheads themselves rather than former contestants. I haven’t watched Eggheads in so long that Chris was the only team member I recognised.

Representing Only Connect were a team made up of members of previous series champions, all who happened to be called David. David Stainer from The Crossworders, David Bill from The Gamblers and David Lea from the Analysts. Victoria Coren’s joke at the beginning was that having found a team of Davids, finding a team of people named Goliath would have been pretty good, but virtually impossible. Needless to say, I was very pleased that the Davids won.

I actually did quite well with this episode! I got the link of one being the differences between England and Scotland only because I knew that James is a very common occurring name for Scottish kings, rather like Louis is for French kings and Henry and Edward is for English kings. I got the asterisks link (B*Witched, Q*Bert, Macy*s and M*A*S*H), and that was thanks almost entirely to B*Witched. Similarly, I got the triple numbers going up only because I knew 888 used to be the Teletext subtitles number (so that meant that the last in the sequence would have to be 999, the emergency services number). On the connecting wall I got the names of members of bands (Saffron from Republica, Skin from Skunk Anasie, Lemmy from Motorhead and Fish from Marillion).

The one I most proud of getting was in the sequences round that the last in the picture sequence would be a picture of a dog, as each picture was named after the subsequent one in the sequence. The canary creeper plant is named after the canary bird, the birds are named after the Canary Islands, and the islands were named after dogs. Why I was so proud of that I don’t know, as the only reason I knew that was because it was featured on an episode of QI. Now QI and Only Connect, I hope that’s a crossover that will happen in the future!

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