Only Connect

victoriacorenI am so pleased that Only Connect has returned to BBC Four for a sixth series. It’s always pleasant news to hear that there is a new series of it. It’s kind of a Monday evening treat for me, watching it with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. But more than that, I’m glad that a smart, fun, entertaining quiz show like this has a following and will continue to be on TV.

In the opening episode of this new series, quiz host Victoria Coren made a joke that they had been cancelled and that this new episode was all her dream. She is a great host for this show, and her sense of humour is one of the best things about it and what makes it so refreshing to watch.

As  I’m one of those pub quiz type people with endless obscure trivia swimming around in my head that is one reason I love this show, but I think the appeal it has for many is that you have to think around on how to use your general knowledge, because it requires spotting connections that at first glance seem random. It’s challenging, but that’s what makes it rewarding. It’s very addictive.

I’m not even very good at it. It’s very rare I get many answers right. With the first episode all I got from the first few rounds was the real surnames of superhero alter-egos in one of the Connecting Walls, and I’m probably one of the few people who remember that Michael Jackson released an album called Invincible.  Like a lot of people, the round I always do the best on is the Missing Vowels round, on that I got all the Hans Christian Anderson fables, and a couple of the cleaning products and ‘barnacle’ on the crustacean link.

But even if you’re not very good at the game, it is still fun to play. The online connecting walls are great to pass the time and feel like you’re getting your brain working. Long may Only Connect continue!

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