Being Human (Series Four)

Contains SPOILERS for the whole series.

The end of series 3 of Being Human saw the series 4 cast looking like it would be Annie, Nina and George battling the Old One vampires led by Edgar Wyndam. Series 4 turned out… not quite that way. For one thing, Wyndam and Nina both were killed between the series, and George too would die by the end of episode one.

It has to be said, the show did a remarkable job in trying to keep everything together with the departure of so many of the actors in the main cast. But it was disappointing that Nina was killed off offscreen after she’d been a part of the series for so long. George’s exit, while a little rushed, was pretty good, and saw him forcing himself to transform into a werewolf when it wasn’t a full moon to save his baby daughter, the forced transformation ultimately killing him.

They had to get a replacement werewolf and vampire to the house, and I was pleased that they promoted werewolf Tom to the main cast. After Mitchell was killed off at the end of series 3 there were some fans, myself included, who wondered if popular detective Nancy could replace Mitchell as the vampire. While she wasn’t shown being turned into a vampire after Herrick attacked her, fans speculated she may have been. I was a little disappointed that they decided not to go down that road, but they did introduce a new vampire character in Hal, and I liked the way they did it.

I always think the best way to introduce a new character that is going to become one of the main cast is to slowly integrate them into the series rather than just shoving them straight in there. It can get audiences backs up if they have a character thrust upon them with all the main ones before they have got to know them. With Hal they gave him an introduction by the fact that he had lived as a vampire with a werewolf and a ghost for the almost 60 years, and was similar to Mitchell in that he was a vampire trying to deal with his condition and trying to atone for the terrible things he had done in his past. In his case it was living with his werewolf and ghost friends and having strict routines was the only thing that had kept him sane all that time, and gave a reason why he would feel the need to repeat this with people he barely knew so soon after his old friends left. I really liked his old friends as well, glamorous ghost Pearl and the by now elderly werewolf Leo. They were very interesting, and while it was probably necessary to get them out of the way so that Hal could be part of the main cast on his own, I would have liked to have seen more of them, and was pleased with their happy ending of finally acknowlodging they were in love with each other.

Hal and Tom, much like George and Mitchell, have turned out to be a sort of unlikely friendship odd couple, but slightly different. With George and Mitchell it was George the quirky, geeky guy and Mitchell cool, the leather jacket wearing bad boy. In Hal and Tom’s case, it’s more of an odd pairing because of social class, Hal being posh and snobbish, and Tom being down to earth and working class. There also more of a sort of vetran and rookie dynamic, in that Tom only turned 21 this series and is also naive, and Hal being an Old One among vampires.


As always, the series had plenty of great guest characters. My favourites included Mr. Snow, who was a great villain as a sort of king of the Old One vampires. What a shame he (seemingly) only lasted one episode. His attack werewolf Milo survived though, and he looks like he might interesting, especially as to where is loyalties lie, how much he’ll stay with the vampires and how much he’ll side with his fellow werewolves. I also liked that they expanded to less well known mythological creatures this series by including a succubus.

But while most of the characters at the final episode of series 3 were gone, the storylines suggested were continued. In fact the rising of the Old Ones and the birth George and Nina’s child ended up being united together as the arc plot for series 4, that their baby daughter, Eve, had been prophesised to save the world from the vampires. This led to an unravelling plot thread of a mysterious woman from the future travelling back in time as a ghost to try and kill the baby. While this character was credited as The Woman most of the series, most viewers quickly guessed that she was Future Eve. The real mystery was why she wanted to kill herself as a baby. It turned out that there was a terrifying dystopian future where the vampires had taken over and everyone else was fighting a losing battle against them, and Eve believed that somehow her death would stop the whole thing from happening.


This led to focus on the last member of the original trio, Annie. She’d always been my favourite character, I loved the humour she bought to the show and I rooted for her with her status as a ghost being linked to her confidence issues. She’d always kind of been the glue that held the friends together, and in this series she helped bridge the gap between the original crew and the new additions. Her main role though was the adoptive mother of baby Eve. Just how strong her love for Eve and her desire to protect her was became apparent when creepy ‘70s ghost Kirby was sent by Future Eve to get rid of Annie. He isolated her and making her feel worthless so she faded away, but just as he was about to kill Eve, Annie willed herself back into reality as a powerful spirit and destroyed Kirby. I loved that as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Annie, and it’s a shame those were few and far between in Being Human. Annie seemed to alternate between being a strong and helpless all too much. But she got a couple more in the final episode. It had basically become clear to Future Eve and later Annie herself that as Annie would do anything to protect Eve there was no chance of anyone other than Annie killing her. In her last episode Annie stormed into the lair of the Old Ones to rescue baby Eve, only to be told by Mr. Snow that he was all too happy to let Annie protect Eve as the prophecy suggested that Eve being alive would mean the vampires would win. Then the decision became less about killing Eve per se and more about that moment being the best time to kill the Old Ones even if it meant that Eve would also die.  This turned out to be Annie’s unfinished business all along. She had to save the world.


It was quite a satisfying end for the character, but definitely bittersweet. Her scenes with Future Eve, who considered Annie to be her mum, were very sad, especially the final one where Future Eve began fading away, though she was happy that her goal was achieved it meant that she would now never have existed other than as a baby, and she would be a baby forever. Annie then was sent to a door with a white glow cradling baby Eve, presumably going to be reunited with George, Nina and possibly Mitchell, and she looked happy. My feelings about Annie’s exit were that it was a fitting end for her, but I will miss her. Future Eve said to Annie that she can never return to the land of the living, but that Annie has never followed the rules, which implies that she may appear again as a guest character. I hope so.

We already have the replacement ghost girl in the cast sorted with Alex, who again had been slowly introduced by appearing a couple of episodes before becoming a ghost. She’s very fun and spirited (if you excuse the pun), and I really liked her bonding with Annie, who she taught her some of the tricks of the ghost trade. We have a “next generation” of the werewolf, vampire and ghost team now with Hal, Tom and Alex. Actually, how many combinations have we had now? We have the original team of Mitchell, George and Annie, then Nina being added, then Annie with Hal and Tom, now the current one. Then there’s the Becoming Human teens and the different Mitchell and Annie in the pilot episode. But I am intrigued by this new cast, and I hope they’re all still here by the time series 5 comes along. I’m less enthralled with what look like the big bads of next series, the secret organisation which ‘clean up’ evidence of supernatural creatures, but at the end of series 4, as with the end of every series of this show I am interested in where they will take it next.

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