BRIT Awards (extremely late review)

I wrote a review of the BRIT Awards the week it happened, but didn’t publish anywhere, and now obviously it’s outrageously out of date to be discussing it. But I’m going to post it here anyway, simply because writing reviews like this was what inspired me to start a blog in the first place. So here’s me starting the blog with an archive post.

Brit Awards 2012

Well, it was a ratings success, the highest in 5 years, but the general feeling is that it was underwhelming. Maybe we’re just so used to the idea that the BRITs are a bit of a shambles. After all, the infamous 1989 ceremony is the one that gets mentioned every time people think of the BRITs. Maybe the British public just love to complain, maybe it’s our tabloid fuelled culture, but I wonder if we just wanted some controversy.

This year everything mostly ran as expected. The award winners were unsurprising. After Adele’s megasuccess last year it was no surprise she won her awards. Ed Sheeran has also had a great year. Managing to get contemplative acoustic guitar ballads in between all the club anthems on Capital FM is an achievement in itself. Even One Direction getting Best Single wasn’t a shocker, mainly because squeeing tween fangirls voting multiple times is a well documented phenomenon.  James Corden was on presenting duties again, and whatever people may think of him and his bad jokes he kept things ticking reasonably enough. But we did get a controversy eventually, and it came right at the very end of the show when Adele’s acceptance speech was cut off to make way for Blur’s closing performance and News At Ten.

Adele made her feelings clear on the matter by giving “the suits” the middle finger. As always, the whole ended up being blown out of all proportion, but it did show spectacularly bad planning on the part of the organisers. The BRITs hype the Best British Album award to be the most important of the evening. Adele was the biggest music star of last year, her album being a critical and commercial hit, and she’s a British artist who has had massive international success. That is the sort of thing the BRITs like to claim they are all about, so it should have come off like a coronation. Instead, this was the one award that got cut off. But maybe messing up is really what the BRIT Awards are all about.

Of course there were a handful of “live TV never goes perfectly” moments. Some bloke walking in front of James Corden. Plan B looking a bit, er, worse for wear when he was presenting an award. The weirdest has to be the announcement that Emeli Sande had won the Critic’s Choice Award being followed by an interview with… last year’s winner Jessie J. Emeli Sande didn’t even get to go up and collect her award, she only got James Corden casually offering her congratulations from afar. After she’d done those daft adverts for them too. What was with the set design as well? It was like Lucky Charms cereal with all the pink hearts, yellow stars and rainbows.

As for the performances, well Olly Murs had previously claimed he should have been nominated for more awards, but his rather ropey performance didn’t help his case much. But most of them were quite good. Coldplay’s ‘Charlie Brown’ accompanied by pretty lights is always nice. Florence + The Machine surrounded by lots of people in white robes, a laser cage singing a big long note and Rihanna’s enjoyable paint splattered dance show for ‘We Found Love’ were probably my favourites. While it might have been the nostalgia, I liked Blur performing some of their biggest hits at the end.

So the Brits 2012. Reasonably good business as usual that could have been planned better. See you next year.

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